IPSLA One-Way and Two-Way Active Measurement

One-Way and Two-Way Active Measurement Measuring
Performance in IP Networks Monitoring


  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Smart Triage
  • Business Centricity
  • Broad Platform & Protocol Coverage
  • Custom Dashboard
  • Simple Small Tools (Remote Ping, Realtime Monitor SNMP, etc…)
  • Responsive Report Interface
  • Clustered Architecture






  • Designed to support ITIL v3 Availability Management (AM), Capacity Management (CM) and Continual Service Improvement (CSI) processes

  • Designed to support  ITU-T Y.1540
    (Internet protocol data  communication service – IP packet transfer and availability performance parameters), Y.1541(Internet protocol aspects – Quality of service and network performance : Network performance objectives for IP-based services)  

  • Optional support for Realtime Jitter calculation as described in RFC 1889

  • Reports can be used to measure operational results. Data can be used or extracted to document and verify compliance to contracted service levels.

  • Lower the cost to manage the IP Infrastructure supporting your most important Business Applications

  • Assure that All users for All SLAs have the best experience – “Keep them coming back for more”

  • Focus resources on highest value functions – have confidence to deploy applications faster – solve problems quickly


Enables customers to manage the IP SLA measurement of all infrastructure

Enables enterprises to:

  • Observe all components of infrastructure to effectively monitor IP SLAs

  • Prioritize IP SLA issues based on business value

  • Conduct rapid incident triage and root cause diagnosis

  • Map all measurement data trends to IP infrastructure



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